bryan giuseppi rodriguez cambana (Lima, Callao, Peru)
Multidisciplinary artist and curator based in London, UK.

Born in Callao, Peru, Bryan Giuseppi Rodriguez Cambana harvests a multidisciplinary practice through the kinesthetics of Afro-diasporic genres of music such as Hip-Hop and Salsa. This in relation to surreal imaginings and personal narratives, seeking to develop a language born out of the dysfunctional marriage between the performances prescribed by these genres (their visual culture) and a fine art context---participating in a conversation about movement, desire, bodies, colour, race, and poverty.

Giuseppi's work has been exhibited in various galleries, museums, and festivals, including The Queens Museum in Queens, New York; ENCUENTRO in Mexico D.F; and The International Festival of The New Latin American, Cinema in Havana, Cuba. He is also a recipient of More Art’s Public Art Grant in New York City (in 2018) and the Chelsea Arts Club Trust MA Materials and Research Awards in London, UK (in 2020). In addition, this year, Giuseppi will be participating in Bloomberg's New Contemporaries 2021.

Marker Drawing on paper.